About the Institute

The Children’s Memorial Health Institute is the largest and most modern specialist pediatric hospital in Poland. It is also a research institute contributing to modern pediatrics. Our mission is to implement the achievements of modern science as quickly as possible so as to prevent disease and diagnose and treat children even more effectively than today. We conduct research in cooperation with leading centers in Europe and around the world, organize symposia and conferences, and conduct specialist courses for doctors and nurses from all over Poland.


Our greatest challenge is disease prevention—this is why good communication with parents is so important for us, as their awareness and knowledge affect the health of their children. We want The Children’s Memorial Health Institute to offer the highest quality consultations, and that is why our experts — professors and specialists from many fields — frequently appear in the media in programs for parents, including online publications.


In 2007, The Children’s Memorial Health Institute celebrated its 30th anniversary. Such a round number was a good moment to sum up the past.  In 2006, the Institute was ranked by Newsweek as the best  hospital in Poland; two of our departments were ranked as the best in the country in their respective specialties—the Pediatric Surgery and Transplantation Department and the Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Department.  In 2007, the Department of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Immunology was similarly honored. We opened a large and modern Neonatal Pathology and Intensive Care Department, as well as NMR and Parenteral Nutrition Units. The Institute was ranked in the first league of research and development institutes by the Ministry of Science, thanks to which we are receiving higher research subsidies. The Children’s Memorial Health Institute was also ranked in first place by Medical Tribune magazine, according to which every fifth pediatrician in Poland would like to work here.


Our scientific and clinical successes are the effect of 30 years of work by a distinguished team of medical professionals. Their work translates directly into the quality of care received by patients of The Children’s Memorial Health Institute. We frequently hear from the parents of our patients that we are their “last hope”—and we do everything in our power not to fail them.



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